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Practice exams will help you gauge how well you have absorbed the information you've read, as well as determine which areas still need your attention. Earning your life and health insurance license is your first step to selling life and/or health insurance in your respective state as an insurance agent.

In contrast, an insurance broker represents the insured, generally has no contractual agreements with insurance carriers, and relies on common or direct methods of perfecting business transactions with insurance carriers. The insurance company representative and adviser who sells insurance policies. Search for information about Insurance Agents, Adjusters, and Agencies licensed with the State of Texas.

Group Self Insurance Pools offer some types of property and casualty insurance protection to its members, who are other municipal corporations. We recommend you take at least one practice exam while mimicking testing conditions. In order to better absorb the information, it is recommended that you study for the exam over the course of a few weeks rather than simply cramming during the week of the exam.